web design and graphic design

2 new websites

August 24, 2007
In the areas of theater and filmmaking in Sweden we have recently produced 2 new websites:

Redesign of Growth Chart Components website

June 14, 2006
A new version of the PC PAL growth Chart Components website is now online at www.growthcharts.info. The PC PAL Growth Chart Components are a range of components intended for producing high quality computerized growth charts.

New PC PAL product specific websites

Januari 1, 2006
PC PAL have released two new product specific websites. GrowthXP (in English) and Tillväxtjournalen (in Swedish), which is software for the management of growth and puberty data, suitable for monitoring every child from birth to adulthood.

Re-design of online skateboarding magazine

November 18, 2005
The online skateboarding magazine F-Magazine has been re-designed, or to be more accurate re-aligned. We built the first version a few years ago but now it was time to give it another look that better represents the attitude and image of the magazine.

PC PAL launch PC PAL MEDIA website

August 20, 2005
Maybe not a milestone in the history of PC PAL but still interesting that PC PAL, which focuses mainly on software for the medical sector, now clearly state their design skills with a website dedicated to web design and graphic design. This site came about when Stefan "Lillis" Åkesson, web and graphic designer for PC PAL, realized that the skills they have are not only in software design but also in web and print.

Ayurvedic webshop and CMS

October 10, 2004
A few years ago we built the website for Veda Lila. Their web presence has been very important for them, and the online shopping of their ayurvedic products has been increasing. When sales increase it also means a lot more updating, so we suggested that they should have a web shop to help their customers shop and a Content Management System (CMS) to handle updates.

Conference in Paris

October 8, 2004
PC PAL is a modern company with the head office located in Paris, but thanks to Internet not all need to be present there. Some of us are located in Sweden, distance working. Once in a while we do however meet in person. It is not only important for the company culture to meet now and then and discuss and brainstorm new projects, but also is it important for all the co-workers to just meet and have fun and keep up.