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"To boldly go ..."

January 20, 2015

We made a new website for the Stockhom Trekkers, a Swedish Star Trek fan club. It 's built on Wordpress and is responsive.
Visit stockholmtrekkers.se

PedigreeXP going responsive

April 18, 2013

PedigreeXP is now responsive. Check it out on different devices, or simply resize the browser window to see how the site adapats to different screensizes. Responsive Web Design is the latest, and can sometimes be an alternative for making separate mobile websites.
Visit pedigreexp.com

Website for the PedigreeXP application

June 15, 2012

Through their involvement in projects involving rare genetic diseases, PC PAL identified the need for an electronic means of creating genealogical trees and recording related descriptive data. The result is PedigreeXP.
Visit pedigreexp.com

Late Phase Solutions Europe AB Website

January 13, 2011

After her 25+ years of managing the medical affairs associated with approaching licence product development for blue-chip Pharmaceutical companies, we are delighted to continue our working relationship with Elizabeth Hernberg-Ståhl by building the website for her new company, Late Phase Solutions Europe AB.
Visit latephasesolutions.com

Veda Lila expands web-shopping presence

January 12, 2010

To support smokers' New Year resolutions to quit, Swedish ayurvedic healthcare specialist Veda Lila has launched their first product specific website. Designed by PC PAL Media, the site features ayurvedic smoking cessation products and information. Customers desiring a less dramatic change in their behaviour, can choose from the range of non-tobacco based smoking alternatives available through the site.
Visit nirdosh.se

Filmproject goes medieval

May 12, 2009

The film project campaign website 1251 has redefined it’s content to focus on Swedish medieval history. Our role in this latest production is to make the required design adaptations.

Website promotes wearing helmets

May 9, 2009

PC PAL Media built this new website for a Swedish project that promotes safe cycling. It advocates traffic aware, considerate riding, and the wearing of helmets. The project is in collaboration with Vägverket (Swedish land and transportation department) and our designer, Stefan "Lillis" Åkesson, is a featured lecturer and performer.
Visit bmxskolshow.se

New venture for Reverse Freestyle

May 5, 2009

The skateboard brand Reverse Freestyle is constructing a major new website. As a first step, PC PAL Media have constructed a campaign site to start showcase the new products.

Web 2.0 for Veda Lila

January 2, 2009

Swedens oldest Ayurvedic shop and health center Veda Lila needed a better structure for their front page. As we built their website and have maintained it we knew what they needed, so we implemented a "web 2.0 tabbed panels".

Webchart application for Pfizer

Aprii 03, 2008

A webchart intended for families to be able to obtain a simple plot of their childs growthchart and themselves react if they think that the child is way below the "normal" range or if the growth behaviour is different compared to the normal chart. Check it out here and give it a try (click on the link in the box on the right side saying "Testa vår interaktiva tillväxtkurva").


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