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A division of PC PAL

PC PAL MEDIA is a division of PC PAL, a software house specialising in the development of bespoke medical applications for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. PC PAL's web and graphic designer Stefan "Lillis" Åkesson realized that with the company's knowledge, experience and web design customers it would only make sense for PC PAL to be more visible with their design skills on the web as well. So this website was built, and is being maintained between projects.

Recognising the expanding requirement for high level web programming skills when developing websites, irrespective of content matter, PC PAL are pleased to make their talents in this field available to the wider web focussed community.


Stefan "Lillis" ÅkessonStefan "Lillis" Åkesson

With an extensive background in both printed and web based media, design team leader Stefan "Lillis" Åkesson brings a wealth of experience and quality to any topic. This is evidenced by his winning of the "Adobe Extreme Web Competition" in 2001. Stefan’s total commitment to all he does is reflected as holder of the World, European and Swedish Championships in Flatland Freestyle Skateboarding. In between web design and graphic design projects he tours doing demos, seminars, shows and competitions all over the world. And even after skating since 1978 he show no signs of slowing down. Lillis' own website.

Marious PopescuMarius Popescu

A successful website requires close teamwork with each specialist contributing their expert knowledge and yet understanding the needs of the project as a whole. In his role of Solution Architect, Marius’ breadth of understanding is illustrated in his content management systems (CMS) and online shopping solutions. These are characterised by being straightforward for the website visitor and easy to maintain for the vendor. A specialist in database driven web applications, and all aspects of software development, he is a Computer Science graduate of the Cluj Napoca University in Romania.

Henri HarlinAbdel Halit

Abdel has Technical Diploma in Electrotechnics from the Technical College H. Brisson in Vierzon, France. He has a devoted interest in programming and he has therefore been involved in many large projects in all parts of the development processes. Abdel has been working both as developer and as project manager and his main tasks are working with layout, validation and database construction.

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